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So Today I Am Going To write A Very Interesting Post For Facebook Users
That Is How To Get 10,000 Of Free Facebook Likes On Your Post In 10 Minutes and All Is That Is Free.. :)

This Post Is Dedicated To all Those Who Are Hungry For Facebook Likes As I am :P
I know Many Of You never Belive Me That Anyone Can Get 10,000 of Likes In 10 Minutes..So For Those Peoples Check Snapshot of My Profile.

I will Not Take Much Of Your Time And Going To Start The Actual Magic To Get 10000 of facebook Likes on Facebook.


Go To  Or Alternativly You Can Go To Account Settings Then Subscribers Tab And Check Mark The Allow Subscribers as You  
Can See In The Image Below.Make Sure Your Age Is 18 Or Above To activate Allow Subscription Feature.


Go To Privacy Settings And Change "Control Your Default Privacy" Settings To Public.
& "How You Connect" , "Timeline And Tagging" Settings To Everyone Or Public.


Update Your Status,or Upload Image Or Video And Open Its Privacy Level To Public That Everyone Can See It.


To Get Your Access Token Click Here For Facebook Application And Then Click On The Blue Button Which Says "Go To Application."

After That You Can See Something Like This In Your Address Bar..

Copy The Url Between "acess_token=" and "&expires_in" As You Can See In The Red Rectangle Above.
Paste The Copied Url In An Text File we Use That In Later.


When Anyone Likes Your Status,Comment,Photo or Video A Notification Is Generated Click On that Notification You will Find Something Like This In Your Address Bar.

310299129057257 is Your Post ID.. :)

Now Copy this Also In Another Text File..

STEP 6:Now Go To Any Of the Below Sites And Put your ACCESS TOKEN and POST ID in Required Field And Get  10,000 Of Likes On Your Facebook Status,Comments,Photos or Videos.. <-- The Best!!! Not working, do not use yet


If Anyone of the above given sites Is Not Working Properly Then Try Another one it will work defiantly .
each of the site give you around 1200-1500 likes in 10 minutes...if you want more likes on your posts then submit your post id and access token to each of the given doing so you will  get 10000 of free facebook likes in 10-15 minutes..

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